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Activated Carbon Filter


Activated Carbon Filter

Benchmark Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter is used to adsorb chlorine, organics, tri-halo methane (THM), taste, odour, and colour from Water & Wastewater. Activated carbon is a charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. The activated carbon has a massive surface area (2000 - 3000 square metres per gram of activated carbon) making it highly effective at adsorbing impurities from water. We, at Benchmark offer Series of filters at a low cost, reliable and highly efficient way to pure your water.
Our unique design of Activated Carbon Filter ensures the maximum utilization of the activated carbon surface area with effective contact time and actual removal of the impurities.

Arsenic Removal Plant

Benchmark Arsenic Removal Plant

How Benchmark Arsenic & Iron Filtration Unit (Hand Pump) works?

As water enters through the system, soluble iron gets oxidized. In Benchmark Hand Pump Filtration Unit the trivalent iron gets arrested into Benchmark. The first stage of the it removal process involves the oxidation of bivalent iron. Remaining soluble or insoluble it precipitates on the Benchmark bed due to the catalytic effects of this oxidizing media. lt also arrests bio-turbidities of water as a result of surface activity. Hence Benchmark Hand Pump Filtration Unit gives complete solution for dissolved Iron in water.

How Benchmark Water Softener works?

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Fluoride Treatment Plant

Why Fluoride is a Poison?

In a number of small villages in and India there is naturally occurring fluoride in the water ranging from 0.7 to 5.4 ppm. Premature ageing is the overall effect.

How Benchmark Fluoride Treatment Plant Works?

This specially designed system contains Gel type ion exchange resin for selective removal of Fluoride ions from aqueous solutions. The resin has got a Fluoride selective functional group attached to a cross linked Polystyrene Co-polymer Matrix. This system can be easily recharged by Aluminum Sulphate.

Advantages of Benchmark Fluoride Treatment Plant

  • Capacity available from 50 - 50,000 liters per hour.

Fluoride Treatment Plant

Benchmark deminerlizer

Benchmark Standard Demineralizer

  • Non Electrical
  • Takes less place
  • Easy to install
  • Required less pressure to work

Specification - Two PVC columns fixed on a wooden frame filled up with Cation & Anion resins of higher exchange capacity. An extra column of Buffer maintains the PH of output water. Acid and Alkali proof pot is also provided to enable the regeneration of the system.

Capacity - 10-100 litres per hour. Higher Capacity Models are also available.

UV Sterilizer

Benchmark UV Sterilizer

Benchmark UV Sterilizer is an efficient and the best at its kind & acts rapidly to disinfect water without use of heat and chemicals. The system utilizes 254 nm (wavelength) germicidal ultraviolet light to disable bacteria, viruses and other micro-Organisms present in water.

Capacity available 100-25000 liters per hour

  • Benchmark UV Sterilizer is available in different capacities starting from 100 Iph upto 25000 liters per hour.

Swimming Pool Treatment Plants

Benchmark Swimming Pool Treatment Plants

are high performance and quality based water filtration plants that are specifically designed to provide optimum filtration support for swimming pool water. With these filters manufactured using precision grade material in varied sizes, these deliver not only superior filtration properties but also match up to the demands of smooth performance in areas like commercial and non commercial industries.

Some of the technical features of these swimming pool filters include

  • Made available in 6000 Lts/hr & 100000 Lts/hr capacities
  • Featuring FRP or MS or SS construction
  • Providing effective control in presence of chemicals and pH in water
  • Providing vital assistance in making water skin friendly
  • System involves use of Pool return inlets in form of white ABS Plastic that can be directly glued to 50mm PVC 10kg/cm2 Pressure pipe (Recommend water flow is 5000 Lts/hr)
  • Swimming pool filtration involves use of main drain constructed using ABS plastic for handling demands of small pools of size 12'x12'
  • Swimming pool filtration involves use of main drain constructed using S.S. finish with frame & grill support for pools available in 12'x12', 18'x18', 24'x24' options

Dosing stations and pump accessories

Benchmark Dosing stations and pump accessories

Dosing is precision work and one of the main tasks in chemical and process engineering as well as in water treatment. Dosing stations are easy to install and deliver cost-efficiency and process optimisation, accurately dosing liquids such as coagulants or neutralising agents. Grundfos also offers a wide range of accessories to suit your application.
Accepta's extensive range of high performance chemical dosing pumps, meters and control equipment are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are now used extensively in a wide range of demanding manufacturing, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.
Accepta's full range of water treatment and chemical control equipment includes mechanical and electric dosing pumps, chlorine dioxide generators, grease traps, meters, tanks and bunds, real-time analysis equipment, mechanical and electronic meters, complete turn-key control systems and much more. For further details simply select a product title or download our full Dosing and Control Equipment Catalogue.


Benchmark Ozonator

We are an unparalleled name in offering a superior range of premium Ozonator& Oxygen Generator. This product is manufactured by our highly skilled professionals, using supreme class raw material that is procured from the certified vendor of the industry, for enhanced compliance with the latest technological advancements. Our this offered product is available in a variety of specifications, in order to meet diverse needs of our clients' at leading market rates.


  • Produce high concentration of oxygen
  • Time saver
  • Excellent performance


Benchmark Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration Systems (UF) are designed to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant and reduce oily water volumes by as much as 90% without the use of chemical additives. For this reason, Ultrafiltration membrane technology is quickly becoming the process of choice over conventional filtration and chemical treatment methods. Ultrafiltration membranes are manifolded together into racks and combined with pumps and controls to form a complete PRAB UF system.
You will benefit from the reduction in the cost of washwater and detergents by as much as 75%, when calculating both heating and disposal costs. System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused. Our Ultrafiltration Systems offer a robust design which effectively removes suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams.
In addition, our UF, and other wastewater treatment technology, helps you meet zero manifesting goals and comply with federal RCRA requirements, as well as state and local discharge regulations.
We are a leader in wastewater reuse, ultrafiltration, and RO pre-treatment with partnerships that span globally.


  • Permanent media eliminates use of hazardous chemicals and removes the disposable media waste stream, adhering to ISO-14001 standards.
  • Fully assembled and tested, system offers turnkey solution to wastewater problems.
  • Standard systems process between 100 GPD and 50 GPM. Larger systems are available upon request.

Water ATM Machine

Benchmark Water ATM Machine

WATER ATM technology is nothing but very advanced selling network of drinking water to public anytime.
it is just like a pay & used recharge system. Water Technology is very accurate and easy for public use. most of villages and governments projects are taking advantage of WATER ATM.


  • People can get pure drinking water any time
  • It is easy and anybody can use accurately in home
  • It is just like Money ATM system or Mobile coupon Recharge
  • As per technical view,public can see TDS,PH and other parameters as per C panel online design
  • Awareness in health will come through every single step because these water will use in kitchen
  • Machine is automatic and digitally advanced so operation becomes more efficient
  • To decrease cases of stone in kidney of many peoples at some good level
  • Automatic Ro plant & ATM plant removes operator/ man power
  • This technology through water available easily at every places of villages&city areas

ISO 9001:2008, NSIC-CRISIL Performance & Credit Rating Certified Company. A MSME Unit.